Some information on worktop options

Laminates have improved dramatically over the last few years and are a good all round option the can now mimic materials such as natural stone and wood without the accompanying price tag. Laminates are easy to clean, durable and the simplest to install. Take a look at Bushboard’s Quebec Oak with its ultramatt finish or for a stunning matt black finish try Bushboards Noire Roche.

Wood with it’s natural warmth is one of the most eco friendly options. Choose from the popular oak through to teak, iroko or bamboo which have natural water resistant and anti bacterial qualities.  If these wood worktops are well oiled at the start of their life they will require only a little maintenance during the year but will reward you with their good looks for years to come. Zebrano, wenge and walnut can each bring richness of colour and warmth to your kitchen

Quartz composites  are made from 92 per cent quartz mixed with resin, this boasts all the qualities of stone but with few of the drawbacks. It is tough with a hygienic non-pourous surface and available in a wide range of colours. See Caesarstone or Silestone. Running the stone vertically down the side of cabinets gives double impact and looks very dramatic. Upgrading from a standard 30mm to a 50mm worktop will increase the colour hit, while a super-skinny 10mm top means you can be bold without going overboard.

Toughened glass is a great choice for modern kitchens and compact spaces—it is non-pourous, easy-clean and super resilient, withstanding very high temperatures. It can also be spray painted any colour.